Fondamenti di Intelligenza Artificiale M
A.A. 2013-2014


  • "An introduction to genetic algorithms and genetic programming"

    Prof. Andrea Roli - 20 Maggio 2014, 11.00-14.00, Aula 5.7

    In this seminar, I will introduce the basic principles and concepts of genetic algorithms (GAs) and genetic programming (GP). These techniques are two representative problem solving methods in the area of evolutionary computation, which is inspired by evolutionary theories. GAs and GP are used to automatically solve problems in optimization, design and control.
    Notable results have been indeed achieved in several engineering fields and in artificial intelligence.
    The first part of the talk will be devoted to an introduction of the fundamental principles of GAs. The main GA high-level algorithmic scheme will be illustrated, along with its main components. I will briefly survey the simplest version of a GA and provide an outlook to more elaborated versions, along with some representative examples. Subsequently, GP will be introduced as a generalization of the former technique and some successful examples of its application will be outlined.


    Alcuni articoli di interesse:
    1. A Genetic Programming Tutorial, by Koza and Poli
    2. Genetic Algorithms, by Holland
    3. Ant Colony Optimization, by Roli
    4. Swarm Smarts, by Bonabeau and Theraulaz

  • "Introduzione a Semantic Web"

    Ing. Federico Chesani - 3 Giugno 2014, ore 11.00-14.00, Aula 5.7



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